The Time And What Must Be Done!

How much longer do we wait before we start taking our position and reclaim our God’s given Rights?

What are those rights you may be asking?

The right to live ‘Free’. The right to live in ‘Peace’. The right to have and live under ‘Justice’ and ‘Equity’. The right to be ‘Independent’. The right to ‘Prosper’.

If and whenever such basic rights are threatened or encroached upon, we have the responsibility and duty to not bow down, to not give in nor be resigned.

What do we need?

With the proper understanding and acceptance of our rights as human beings, as people, we will get to recognize the need to do for self – to invest in and build our communities, to lay the groundwork and provide ourselves with food, clothing, and shelter.

What must we do?

We must want and desire to create, to succeed, and to live. It is absolutely imperative that we pull our resources together. We need to realize where we are; what we need; and what we must do to accomplish and fulfill our needs. We must be educated in the person of self and the environment. We must have strong conviction, and we must be determined & courageous to achieving our life purpose, our destiny. We must not simply want to live, but we must act and move toward making it a possibility and a reality, doing so productively and progressively.

We can and must create better households for ourselves and our children, for our communities, and for our world.

The time has been here; now is almost too late. We must budge. We must act now. Those things of which we spoke are not new; they have been practiced by all other people, except the last few generations of Black people. So, no wonder we are where we are. Therefore, my brothers and sisters, the time for us to change course and act decisively is now. Let us learn! Let us do! Let us act now, so we can live productively and in peace! Let us support ourselves and each other.

Please feel free to chip in and share! Justice, Wealth, and Peace!

This related quote by an Afrikan gives us a big picture idea of what must be done:
“To whom you give your money is to whom you give your power.”

By Jozye Ayisyen